What We Do?

A big difference about working with us is that we work for you (our clients), not the insurance company. When you buy direct from an insurance company or bank, you’re on your own. If the insurance company becomes unfair or you have a problem with a claim, it’s up to you to deal with it. But, if you choose us, we’re in your corner the whole way. Each one of our brokers has plenty of stories about how they stood up for a client when they weren’t being treated properly by an insurance company (go ahead, ask them to share one!). We’re here to represent you.

  • Trouble with a claim? We’re on your side.
  • Going through some changes with your home or vehicle? We don’t just kick you to the curb because you no longer fit our “appetite”. We find you something else that fits.
  • Your insurance costs skyrocket on renewal? We can shop the marketplace to find you something better.

You have insurance to protect your most cherished belongings. Let one of our brokers help protect you. Get in touch with us for your home, auto, or commercial insurance needs.

Our story

 Cousins prior to leaving for WWII in 1940. Bill Kent , founder of Kent Insurance (far left). A.K. (Brub) Schryer , founder of A.K. Schryer Insurance (far right). Morley Kent (middle).

Cousins prior to leaving for WWII in 1940. Bill Kent, founder of Kent Insurance (far left).A.K. (Brub) Schryer, founder of A.K. Schryer Insurance (far right). Morley Kent (middle).

In 1946, after serving in WWII, Bill Kent returned to his hometown of Bathurst. Needing to find work, he tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and decided to start an insurance agency, Kent Insurance. His cousin, A.K. (Brub) Schryer, also returned to Bathurst from serving in WWII and decided to start his own insurance agency too (A.K. Schryer Insurance). The two cousins shared some friendly competition growing their businesses in the Bathurst area for several years.

In the 1970s, Bill decided he’d like a change and sold the agency to Raymond White, an insurance adjuster from Amherst. That’s how the name Kent & White Insurance came to be!

In 1980 the business was sold again, this time to another insurance adjuster, Andy Savoie. In 1994, Kent & White continued its growth with the purchase of Jim MacLaggan Insurance. In 1995, Brub Schryer’s son (Hugh), was operating A.K. Schryer & Son Insurance. He and Mr. Savoie decided to merge their business. The two firms, started and grown by cousins 49 years before, had ultimately come together.

Today, Kent & White Insurance has grown to service personal and commercial clients throughout Atlantic Canada. It is still family owned and operated by father and son (Hugh Schryer and Brian Schryer). They continue to take pride in the dedication and customer service that helped their family members, Bill and Brub, grow the business from the ground up over 65 years ago.